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Past Events - 2018

New Year's Day - part 2

1 January 2019 - New Year's Lunch at Elstead Mill - by Judy

What a day for the first run of 2019. The sun shone and car roofs were down for a short Surrey lanes drive with a few teasers written into the route. After coffee at Judy and Len's new abode,we drove past a shocking pink telephone box (or lilac Robin) a multicoloured cow, a gin factory, and Wanborough Manor where in W.W.2 Special Operations Executive (SOE) were training.

Well done Robin and Bev for winning prize and we won't mention the time it took you to complete the run. Lunch was at Elstead Mill and was excellent. 26 Brooklands folk attended. Roll on the next outing.

Thank you to Judy for organising the meal and the weather.

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New Year's Day - part 1

1 January 2019 - Brooklands Museum New Year's Classic Gathering - by Roger B

Whilst many of our Club Members were starting their New Year's Day Lunch run to Elstead Mill, I joined the Brooklands Museum event.

I'd heard how big and busy it had been in previous years, with queues waiting to enter and traffic choking the roads outside. So I set out at 0845 and went down Brooklands Road for the Campbell Gate. I approached from Weybridge Station, joining three or four cars waiting to turn right at the entrance. I don't know how long the queue was coming up the hill from the other direction, the end was not in sight. Marshalls directed traffic into three lanes at the turn in, merging to two lanes beyond JTI. Balancing demand on Brooklands Road, it was about 5:1 left turn vs right turn traffic. Then stop/start, nose to tail to the ticket hut (behind a Ferrari which thought it had been idling for too long), members and ticket holders were then waved through and down the hill. Pre-war cars were directed to the Paddock whilst there was space, and I was able to park handy for the outdoor buffet by 0915 - not bad going.

I'd never been to this event before, but knew it was very popular. There were already a lot of cars on site when I got there, so the gates must have been open well before the advertised 0900 start. Until about 1130 a double line of cars was queueing down to the bottom of the hill from the Campbell Gate and Marshalls were quickly directing cars to their appropriate parking areas. And also another queue of cars was entering via the Vickers Bridge behind MB World. There were event cars everywhere - in front of and behind the Pits, between the car sheds, motorcycles behind the cafe, the Paddock, the Finishing Straight, the banking both sides of the Bridge, the Aircraft park, and everywhere in between. There was also additional event car parking (modern sports and supercars) at the back of JTI offices adjacent to the Pits area.

If there was enough space to park a car, there was a car parked there. I think the Marshalls (volunteers mostly?) did a good job under pressure with efficiency and patience and deserve a vote of thanks from all participants.

The outdoor buffet queues were quite long, but moving steadily and my bacon bap and coffe were welcome.

Apart from the sheer numbers, there were an amazing variety of cars on show. I think the definition of 'classic' could usefully be revisited - it now seems to include anything on wheels pre 1989. I hope these photos convey the flavour of things. The influx had eased by 1230. I'd seen enough by then and sneaked out (assisted by Marshalls) through a side gate and round the back of JTI. I did debate whether or not to try and gate crash the lunch at Elstead, but one can have too much excitement so I went home.

In all a very interesting experience, but I'll probably not be rushing back next year!

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